Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring the best technology and methods to the Probation Department for the counties of California.  Our associate currently represents 35 counties out of 58 and averages about 50 members who attend our conferences each year.  Without your participation in events like this, we would not be able to provide the level of services to the counties that we currently experience.  We appreciate the time, effort, and expense you are contributing to this event.  We try our best to have as many members available during your presentation time slot.

Rules of Registration:


The IT Divisions of Probation provide a variety of services in the criminal justice field.  Probation is a member of the Criminal Justice community.  Probation officers are sworn and may arrest people on probation.  Although this is how some parts of Probation works, this association is mainly made up of IT professionals who are interested in providing progressive solutions for their department.
The departments work closely with Law Enforcement, District Attorneys, Courts, Mental Health, Department of Social Services, and Schools.  We provide services and impose criminal sanctions for the same clients and in cooperation with these agencies.
Youths are housed in our 24-hour facilities and cared for in private facilities when ordered by the Courts or when they are without parental supervision.  Since the inception of SB678 (AB109) on October 1, 2011 and Prop 47 on November 17, 2014, the adult divisions in the Probation departments throughout the counties have been met with new challenges and new programs to manage.  The ability to manage higher-risk clients in the field and through systems has become critical.  Your assistance in providing ideas, hardware, applications, analytical statistics, and practical solutions is vital in keeping our staff working best.


The cost is $1500 for ever 30 minutes of presentation.  This includes a table for you to display your product, pamphlets, and swag for the entire day of your presentation.
Any additional day for a table setup will be $100 per day.
You will not be asked to share a table with another vendor.  But, you may be in close proximity.

Conference Setup:

You will be provided a vendor table outside of the actual conference area for the full day of your presentation.  It will either be right outside the door, or very close so conference participants will have a chance to talk with you on their breaks.
You will only be allowed into the conference area at the beginning of the day for an introduction and during your presentation.  The membership will be encouraged to visit your table during their free time to talk with you about your product.  This restriction is to assure all vendors that their product is being seen by only members of the conference.  It is in now way meant to limit your interaction with the members.  If members wish to make arrangements to see or speak with you away from the conference, that is entirely up to the individual and not part of the conference.

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