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NANCY MITCHELL, PITMA Secretary, Supervising Business Systems Analyst of Riverside County


This award is presented to Nancy Mitchell, who served on the 2014-2016 Executive Board as the Secretary of PITMA.

Among other duties assigned to her position, she took on the task of redesigning and redeveloping our new website. We truly believe that this will serve us for many years as a means of connection, collaboration and communication between our members, the Chiefs and members of the departments for which they serve.

Our members have submitted the following comments regarding Nancy’s abilities and willingness to serve:

…Nancy is an extremely busy member of the Riverside County Probation Department IT division. Nonetheless, she has managed to focus her time and energy to produce a new website for our association. She is also a member of the board, serving in the capacity of Secretary. Even in her most intense work times, she has carved out time to work on our projects. I have enjoyed working with her on the board and I enjoy her sense of humor!

…Nancy has gone above and beyond. During the past year Nancy has created a new PITMA website. This website is very user friendly and will help facilitate good communication between Probation IT throughout the state.

… Nancy has shown diligence and hard work. Immediately after our last PITMA annual meeting she worked to create a new updated and refreshed website to address our membership needs. She has created a great new baseline solution for our team to build upon.

… Nancy has shown her willingness to take time out of a busy schedule to help this organization. Our members believe that Nancy deserves this award. She has brought organization to our records and has focused our abilities to communicate. We are privileged to have her as an asset to our organization.

We thank Nancy for her commitment to our organization and honor her for her exemplary work on behalf of our organization.


The following members were awarded Distinguished Service Certificates for their work on behalf of PITMA by CPOC:

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Samantha Klein, Marin County Business Manager and PITMA Treasurer

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Adrian Gonzalez,  San Diego County Information Technology Manager and PITMA President

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Margaret-Ann Schott,  Santa Cruz County Departmental Information Systems Analyst and PITMA Regional Chair

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Miguel Guerrero,  Ventura County Information Technology Manager and PITMA Vice President

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Donna Vestal,  Solano County County Sr. Systems Analyst

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for their ongoing service to our organization