right-arrowsSMART JUSTICE
This is a program used in cooperation with the Department of Justice system throughout California.  It is a tracking system for Probation clients that will cover all of California and used by any law enforcement agency.  The attached pdf documents will help you understand the basics about the system.  A webinar  session information is listed below.  If you need more information regarding these session or would like to attend one in august, contact  your regional representative.  They are listed in the MEETINGS tab.
Thursday, July 16th, 10 am to noon
Wednesday, July 29th, 1:30 to 3:30
Both meetings will use the same session information (meeting number, link, code, phone number)

Log into the Web session at:
Meeting number: (877)402-9753     Code: 408486
Dial into the conference line at Phone #: (877)402-9753     Code: 408486

Depending on member need, we can set up a session in August. If there are any questions pertaining to Smart Justice in the meanwhile, members can contact DOJ Client Services Program:
Quick Reference Guide
User Guide
Probation Agency Enrollment Status
ADFS Quick Start [v1-3]
Enrollment Packet [v5]
Technical Survey [v1-8] Enrollment