2016 Conference

Conference 2016
Held in San Diego April 19th – 22nd

2015 Survey Results

PRESENTATION: Case Management Evolution
Automon – Scot Asher sasher@automon.com (480) 368-8555

Facilities Dashboard Bullet PointA presentation of Automon’s new approach at a re-design of their case management system, using domain driven, purpose built innovation.
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PRESENTATION: Small County Concerns
Tehema County – Chief Muench

Facilities Dashboard Bullet PointA presentation identifying creative solutions that can be scaled down to fit within the budget constraints of smaller county Probation offices.
Presentation Materials Not Provided



PRESENTATION: Public Health and Safety
Ramsell – Jessica Patterson jpatterson@ramsellcorp.com (972) 415-5135

Facilities Dashboard Bullet PointA presentation regarding Medical and Probation and the role technology plays.
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DOJ- Corina Cristodore smartjustice@doj.ca.gov (916) 227-3456

Facilities Dashboard Bullet PointUpdate to all state-owned systems of interest to PITMA members.
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PRESENTATION: Document Management System – Laserfiche
ECS Imaging and Fresno County – David Touma dtouma@co.fresno.ca.us (559) 600-4701

Facilities Dashboard Bullet PointDocument Management Systems using ECS Laserfiche
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PRESENTATION: Data Collection: Sanctions and Incentives
Marin County – Sam Klein sklein@marincounty.org (415) 377-7271

Facilities Dashboard Bullet PointData Collection: Sanctions and Incentives
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PRESENTATION: Transition from Stone Age to Rocket Age
Yuba County – Lisa Lit llit@co.yuba.us (530) 749-7597

Facilities Dashboard Bullet PointSmall counties with limited resources can succesfully meet their technology challenges.
Presentation Materials Not Provided



PRESENTATION:Getting the Most out of Excel and Power BI
Microsoft – Scott Larson scottlar@microsoft.com (760) 685-4324

Facilities Dashboard Bullet PointGetting the Most out of Excel and Power BI
Presentation Materials Not Provided



PRESENTATION:Community Resource Directory
San Diego County – Geoffrey Twitchell geoff.twitchell@sdcounty.ca.gov (858) 514-3175

Facilities Dashboard Bullet PointCommunity Resource Directory
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