2015 Conference

was held in Santa Barbara
on May 4-8

PRESENTATION: Facilities Dashboard
Riverside – Daniella Barragan, dbarraga@rcprob.us, (951) 955-0000

Facilities Dashboard Bullet Point A demonstration of Riverside County Probation’s working dashboard to manage populations in multiple facilities.  The tools tracks the history of incidents and assessments for minors as well as provides information regarding staff.
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PRESENTATION: Safety Check Mobile App
Ventura – Jason Simone, jason.simone@ventura.org

Safety Check Bullet Point A demonstration of Ventura County Probation’s safety check system for facilities. The tools tracks through handheld devices and permanent sensors each bed check that is individually done.
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PRESENTATION: Mobility & Body Worn Technology
HP – Russel Gibfried, Russ.Gibfried@hp.com, (858) 674-8647
San Diego – Adrian Gonzalez, Adrian.Gonzalez@sdcounty.ca.gov, (619) 895-1498

HP Body Worn Cameras No description currently available.
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PRESENTATION: Mobile Development Platforms
Xamarin – Eric Egland, eric@xamarin.com, (425) 347-2957
Xamarin – Steve Hall, steve.hall@xamarin.com (817) 219-6196

Mobil Development Platforms No description available.
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PRESENTATION: Body Worn Cameras/Storage Management
VieVu – James Hillary

VieVu Body Worn Cameras No documentation available.

PRESENTATION: Case Management System
Journal Technologies – Derek Harris

Journal Technologies No documentation available.

PRESENTATION: Asset & Staff Resource Tracking
AT&T/FleetComplete – Utena Yokoshima)

Resource Tracking No documentation available.

PRESENTATION: Time Keeping System
Kronos – Mertz Kizilbash

Timekeeping No documentation available.

Marin – Samantha Klein

TimeStudy Probation is able to receive reimbursement for activities related to providing case planning and management for clients who they assist in getting social service benefits including General Assistance and related aid, as well for support and services provided to assist clients in securing things such as employment and housing. The problem with these claims is the level of detail that must be recorded by staff about their activities.
Title IV-E is an example of a reimbursement claim that is utilized by most California Counties to fund Juvenile Probation Officer Activities. To claim Title IV-E, counties can either do a perpetual time study or can do a random moment in time study. The former is extremely time intensive while the latter is only possible with a third party solution – such as JBI.
MAA/TCM is an emerging funding source for Probation Departments. Several Probation Departments submitted MAA/TCM claims as recently as five years ago. but due to the heavy workload and minimal payback, all claims were ceased. However, with the expansion of medi-care and the ability to receive 90% reimbursement on activities with the newly eligible MAA/TCM is being looked at as a good future revenue source. The major barrier to implementation is the need for a perpetual time study.
The attached presentation was made at PITMA 2015 to discuss what agencies who are working with JBI are getting as a solution for random moment time study, and how a similar technological solution for a perpetual time study would be of great benefit to Probation Departments.
A business case was made for the integration of time study components directly into a Case Management System which:
Eliminates redundant entry for the Probation Officer
Ties time data back to the probationer and activity, for audit purposes

View these attachments for further information:
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Microsoft – Scott Larson, San Diego, Jennifer Effie

CRM Present how Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Cloud can be used as a platform for JPS specific case management applications and provide examples of developed solutions that are addressing key areas of Probations Departments.

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PRESENTATION: Body Worn Cameras
Taser – Chad Kapler

Taser Body Worn CamerasNo documentation available.